Daniel Frazier Speaks Vol. 1

by Daniel Frazier



It all started when I hit my head at the age of sixteen. Things changed for me then. What once was a quiet, introverted, & not that creative boy turned into a loud, talkative, and eccentrically creative man.
After years of talking and honing a gift for gab some of my close friends in a castle in England encouraged me to tell tales. We gathered in a large hall of the north wing of the stone structure on one rather cold English night and I began to tell tales. It started with some of the great stories like the Brothers Grimm and 1001 Arabian Nights, but soon turned into my own yarns. And there in the fields of Northern England was born a storyteller, but it was in me all along.

Now this record was another story. After I had been living in Nashville for a good year some of my close friends formed an interesting group and began playing string band music. Well since I had that fateful gift of gab I signed up as the groups mouth piece. And there began my career of entertaining and telling stories to the masses. So a couple years into talking to the people of America, I took it upon myself to hire some of my favorite musicians and composers, rent a wonderful recording space, and made this record of stories.

It was all recorded in Nashville with Andrija Tokic behind the wheel and leading us to water in his space the Bomb shelter. The packaging was hand printed in Nashville by Craig Moan in his basement. The coloring books were printed in Nashville at TFS Graphics. And the records were pressed in Nashville at United Record Pressing Plant.

This wouldn't have become a reality without the grand assistance from Nicole Irene. Who spent plenty of hours helping me create this great memory.

To all the musicians, artists, and everyone else that made this happen I can't thank you enough. Lets just say my kids and their kids are going to be thankful to have this memory.

The Rev. Daniel A Frazier Junior


released January 1, 2013

Released December 18, 2012
Stories by Daniel A Frazier Jr.
Recorded, Engineered, Produced, & Mixed by Andrija Tokic
Mastered by Tommy Wiggins
Music and Foley Arrangements on Side A done by James Wallace
Music Arrangements on Side B done by Ricardo Alessio
Side A Musicians: Ricardo Alessio, Dabney Morris, Graham Sherrill, James Wallace, & Kristin Weber
Side A Foley artists: Kevy Duty, Jeff Hanky, Nicole Irene, Seth Murray, Satchel Paige, Graham Sherrill, Andrija Tokic, & James Wallace
Side B Musicians: Ricardo Alessio & Kyle Davis
All Stories recorded at the Bomb Shelter Studios in Nashville, TN
Assistant Producer & Art direction by Nicole Irene



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Daniel Frazier Nashville, Tennessee

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